Lake Lady
Lake Lady
In the following interview, we talk to Lake Lady about the music video she directed for a song off her EP, how she ended up in the music industry, and how she splits her time between all the different creative projects she is a part of!


What's a pack? Think "pay-what-you-want" themed digital mixtapes comprised of music from independent musicians.

Music City Pack

Nashville isn't just a city with music; nay, it is the music city! With a rich musical history and countless success stories, Nashville has certainly earned its title and reputation as the place to go to make a name for yourself in music. A lot of people assume Nashville music is limited to country and rock n roll, but that isn't the case! While several of the artists featured in this pack create rock n roll music, the songs also range from alternative to folk to rock to americana. The artists in this pack are not just creating music for the sake of doing so, each one of them has a very special passion that can only be understood through hearing their audible creations. Hopefully reading through their bios will give you a better idea of just how passionate these musicians are about what they do! Album artwork picture courtesy of Tyler Scheviak


Who doesn't love live music? In the Panoplay Sessions, we record musicians playing their favorite songs in places that need a bit of musical love.
waking april

Waking April – Dreams

As a bonus session, Waking April recorded a cover of the Fleetwood Mac classic 'Dreams'
Waking April

Waking April – All The Things

It May (ha ha) no longer be April, but the three-piece Waking April caps off their Panoplay Sessions performances with their powerful song 'All The Things'.

Around the industry

While we do love musicians, the industry itself is comprised of so much more. Here, we explore the unsung heros of the music world - the bloggers, photographers, record labels, concert bookers, managers, PR reps, and roadies who make everything possible.

Music Photographer Spotlight: Makena Cummings

This week we interview the talented music photographer Makena Cummings about her life as a photojournalist. Check it out!
Angela Mastrogiacomo

PR Rep/Blogger Spotlight: Angela Mastrogiacomo

For Angela Mastrogiacomo, working in the music industry is a labor of love. Read more about her experience as a blogger and PR rep in this Around the Industry spotlight!

Album Releases

This is the digital bulletin board posted up in every guitar shop around town. If there's an album released by an independent musician, we post it here.

March 7 – March 11 Album Releases

This week we have three very different, yet incredibly powerful sounds. The alt-folk songstress from New York, Juliet K, the powerful up-and-coming rock band from Venice, CA, Faulkner, and my good friends, the indie-pop duo from Chapel Hill, Castle Wild.

Feb 29 – March 1 Album Releases

This week we have four releases of four very different styles. (Acoustic/Dance) Jamie Borrowdale, (Folk/Pop) Connor Roff, (Alt-pop) Victory Dance, and (DnB) The Qemists released awesome new music this week. Come check it out!
Feb 22-26 Album Releases

Feb 22-26 Album Releases

This week have two polar opposite, yet incredibly awesome album releases from Americana/Folk artist Jameson Elder and pop producer Luke Mitchell.

Songs of the week

Every week we tell you all what we've been listening to in the hopes that it can empower you, cause you to dance, or perhaps fall into a deep trance.
A Train of Thoughts

Monday Moods: A Train of Thought

Here are five songs that I have been listening to a lot this week. They're one long train of thought, maybe you can connect them all!
Zoning out

Monday Moods: Zoning Out

Slightly electronic, slightly ethereal, incredibly chill. Sit back, relax, and let the calming rhythms and bloops take you somewhere far, far away.

Monday Moods: Dreaming

´╗┐Sometimes we want our monday playlist to pump you up. Sometimes we want it to calm down. And sometimes we just want to help you dream.


Learn new, fun facts about musicians you love so that you can be the cool one at parties.
jack white

Did You Know: White Stripes

Did you know Jack White of the White Stripes almost attended Seminary? Find out why he didn't end up going!

Did You Know: Rock ‘n’ Roll

Rock 'n' Roll has been around since the dawn of time. Oh, wait, no it hasn't. Do you know where the term originated?