Why hello there! My name is Cory, and I am the curator of this fine establishment. Allow me to tell you a little about myself and Panoplay.

Panoplay began with a question: How do you get your name out there as an artist?

We here at Panoplay love music, but more than that, we love musicians. The talented hard workers who get us through our workdays and empower our dance parties. As such, Panoplay is about more than just discovering new music. It's about learning what makes musicians tick. It's about broadening horizons and gaining appreciation for genres that you didn't even know existed. But most importantly, it's about giving artists an opportunity to tell the world who they really are, with the hopes that you'll join them on their quest to create.

You'll notice the majority of artists we feature are independent musicians

This is because we believe in the people who believe in themselves. Record labels are an awesome way to get promoted, and many of them work tirelessly to promote the artists they represent. But there are so many blogs out there that talk about who's big already. I mean, who really wants to hear about that new Coldplay song? (Besides me and everybody else in the entire world). Just kidding, but we really do love the artists who are going all-in to achieve their dreams, so you'll be seeing a lot of them around here.

Are you an artist?

If so, we love you. No, seriously, we do. We would love to feature you in a pack, interview, or other piece on the blog. Drop us a line! We'd love to work with you :)

Who we are

Cory Scheviak
Founder, Interviewer

Alyssa Howard
Photographer, Contributor