Blogger Spotlight: Vanessa – House in the Sand

Music blogs are everywhere. From the large news blogs like Pitchfork and Consequence of Sound to the more niche music discovery blogs like The Wild Honey Pie and Indie Shuffle, it has become increasingly difficult to set yourself apart as a music blogger.

Sometimes standing out comes from simply being yourself and sharing what you’re passionate about. On her blog House in the Sand, Vanessa proves that she is among the most passionate bloggers in the industry. Her posts carry a personal touch that brings artists and fans closer together. It’s rare in the music blogging scene to see someone who enjoys building a personal relationship with the musicians as much as Vanessa does. She truly cares about creating a home for music lovers. As Vanessa says, “the goal is to introduce new music in a professional but still personal way and to bring you closer to your favourite artists.”

That’s Vanessa ^

Vanessa truly loves to introduce people to artists who work hard and love what they do, so today I’m going to return the favor by telling you all about how hard she works and how much she loves what she does! A few weeks ago I sat down with Vanessa and chitchatted about her little slice of the internet.

Panoplay: Hi, I’m Vanessa and I ____________

Vanessa: “Love music and write about it. I’m so boring haha”

Panoplay: Why don’t you tell us a bit about House in the Sand (HITS)?

Vanessa: HITS is my website. It’s mostly just about music and some sorts of photography. Music photography…so I guess it’s just about music. I try to showcase music I love. It all started out with indie bands and turned into more “mainstream acts” because I just want to share the music I love. I also do interviews!

Panoplay: Is there any type of music you typically focus on?

Vanessa: I don’t really want there to be any specific kind of thing, but I love folk, rock, acoustic music the most. I love the music and get a lot of submissions. I get a lot of hip hop sent to me but i don’t have a clue about hip hop. I have no idea if it’s good or bad. I do try to feature a wide range of music.

Panoplay: What would people enjoy about HITS that isn’t offered on other blogs?

Vanessa: What I hope I do is bring fans a lot closer to the artists. I try to have a really personal vibe. I love going on tour with the artists, you get scenes and moments that you don’t have daily. Capturing moments that music fans don’t ge to see daily. I hope to offer a bit more.

On Tour with The Arkanes

Panoplay: What has been your most memorable experience so far with HITS?

Vanessa: Seeing Gabrielle Aplin live. Being in a photo pit. I love when it’s a bit more personal. Hanging out with Hudson Taylor was really nice, and also really unexpected. I went for an interview, ended up staying for the whole gig and hung out with them. It was the kind of experience that makes you just want to keep going. You meet people who are really nice, really talented, and great people to hang out with.

Panoplay: What are your long-term goals for House in the Sand?

Vanessa: My main goal is being able to carry on and make it a full time job. Other than that, I want to build more relationships with bands and see them grow. I have been working with a couple bands who have been doing it as long as I have and it is awesome seeing them get better and want to build a community and a family. That’s super cheesy haha. It’s cool to have a little team, knowing there’s someone there supporting you.

Panoplay: Do you have any final words of wisdom or hilarity?

Vanessa: I recently told a funny story but I can’t remember it. But everybody loved it.

Also, living one day at a time is really good as a musician or blogger or whatever. If you have a dream or a goal then go for it. Sometimes it’s crazy. I wouldn’t recommend doing everything you ever want to do because some things are dangerous, but if you have a goal you want, go for it and be as passionate as you want to be.

If you liked this interview and want to check out House in the Sand, a great place to start would be checking out the HITS Birthday Countdown, which is going on until the end of February! As Vanessa says: “It’s really what it sounds like. A countdown that counts down to the blog’s birthday…fourth birthday!!! One video a day of an artist or a band performing a song exclusively for the blog and wishing them a happy birthday. It’s so much fun because it brings the fans a bit closer. Some of the artists record in their bedrooms and it’s really fun, really personal. It’s really unique. It’s like a birthday party. I don’t like birthday parties in real life, but online it’s great. I tried to come up with a name for it and couldn’t find anything online similar to it.”

Thanks to Vanessa for taking the time to talk with us, and be sure to check out her website for awesome music and lots of love!