Feb 22-26 Album Releases

NOTE: Each week we post any independent album releases that we know of that happened in the past week. It can be hard to find all of these ourselves, so if you or someone you know is releasing music, let us know!

This week we have two completely different, yet incredibly talented, musicians. Jameson Elder, an americana/folk musician from Nashville brings raw emotion and powerful meaning in his album Prodigals and Thieves. Ohio-born but LA-centric Luke Mitchell is the first pop musician to be featured in any way on Panoplay. Jameson is launching a full-length album and Luke is launching his debut solo 3-song EP, both on Feb 26, and both out NOW. Check em out!


Three Years Ago Today | Luke Mitchell

Mitchell moved to LA to pursue a solo career after several years of being in the pop-punk group FRIDAY NIGHT FEVER. After making it to the Hollywood round of American Idol, Mitchell opened Lukebox Studios to write and produce for artists while working on his own music. Since then, Luke has produced songs for Disney star Olivia Stuck, YouTube sensation Dylan Dauzat, and X-Factor runners-up Paige Thomas and Josh Levi. He has also written with The Jackie Boyz (David Guetta, Justin Bieber), Anita McCloud (Usher), and Johan Wetterberg (Skylar Stecker).

Mitchell’s EP release marks his first official body of work as a solo artist. This 3-song collection, titled Three Years Ago Today, is pure pop goodness with strong vocals, sexy lyrics, and a very fresh take on the current Top 40 sound. The EP goes live Friday, February 26 with a music video for lead single “High Above Ya” dropping in conjunction with the EP release.

From small beginnings, Mitchell’s Three Years Ago Today gives listeners a taste of the larger than life production all pop lovers yearn for.

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Prodigals & Thieves | Jameson Elder


“Jameson Elder taught me more about songwriting in thirty minutes than I’ve heard in a long time. He knows that there is no formula, that it can take forever or come together in a moment, and that sometimes you need a little bit more living to make it happen. Even with all this elusiveness, he still manages to consistently create songs that are heartfelt and genuine. They sound immediately familiar and yet are unmistakably original. ” -NY Minute Magazine

Jameson’s new 7-song album is a culmination of years of music production experience and speaks of dealing with your ghosts, demons, and mistakes. It’s a process of returning to who you were; who you are. An incredible amount of raw emotion can be felt while listening to this album, and Jameson hopes to share that with you.

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