Feb 29 – March 1 Album Releases

Each week we post any independent album releases that we know of that happened in the past week. It can be hard to find all of these ourselves, so if you or someone you know is releasing music, let us know!

This week we have four very diverse artists celebrating their album releases. Jamie Borrowdale, an acoustic/dance music producer from the UK, brings five energetic, powerful tracks that give you the understanding that Jamie really loves creating music in his Me and the Spaceman EP. Connor Roff, a soulful musician from London, creates an introspective but inspirational indie-folk-pop fusion in his latest EP, Chasing Dreams. Victory Dance, a five-member band from New York, anthemizes their emotions in their own powerful, vocal-driven, alternative pop way in The Spectrum EP. Finally, The Qemists, a full-band drum and bass group hailing from the UK, make the statement that they aren’t going to let anybody tell them what to do in their full-length Warrior Sound album.


I Need Music EP | Jamie Borrowdale | iTunes


Jamie is a young music producer hailing from the UK. He combines the elements of acoustic and dance to create a unique, hook-driven experience. This can be heard first-hand in the first track off his new EP, Me and the Spaceman, which has had major radio play in the UK.  This song sets itself apart from the rest, as you can tell that he really means what he says in the song: “I need music…it sets me free”. Jamie has a wide range of influences ranging from classical to Ed Sheeran. See the I Need Music music video here:

I Need Music EP drops March 4, 2016


Chasing Dreams EP | Connor Roff | iTunes


Without a doubt, the Chasing Dreams title has a special meaning for Roff, who has traveled the world to chase his dream of being a musician. From open mics to festival performances, he has proven time and again that his unique brand of indie-folk-pop comes from a special place in his heart. The combined influences of his musical past culminate in his new EP, which Roff will go on UK tours to promote later in 2016.

Chasing Dreams EP drops March 1, 2016


The Spectrum EP | Victory Dance | iTunes


The alt-pop scene emerging recently brings forth a lot of pop-driven sensibilities, while remaining true to the alternative roots in which the tunes are grounded. In The Spectrum EP, Victory Dance proves that they are “not afraid to wander in the dark” to make a name for themselves. Having performed with popular acts such as The Roots and Bleachers, Victory Dance has seen what it’s like to be in the spotlight, and wants to do everything they can to remain there. After recently going fully independent, the self-proclaimed “give no shits” five-piece band from New York is ready to make a statement that they have what it takes to make it big.

The Spectrum EP dropped March 1, 2016


Warrior Sound | The Qemists | iTunes


Long-time drum and bass group The Qemists are back with a new, more powerful sound in Warrior Sound. Hailing from the UK and recently signed to FiXT Music, an indie record label based in Detroit, The Qemists are poised to continue their unique brand of electronic music, after seeing previous successes having their music featured in several video games and movies. Warrior Sound combines elements of heavy rock with drum and bass, creating a sound similar to The Prodigy, but with their own unique twist. Having double vocals in songs like Run You adds to the powerful emotions created by the music.

Warrior Sound drops March 4, 2016 on FiXT music.